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US Airways Yanks Plane Passenger for Using Bathroom TSA Investigates

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by hearit

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As if TSA screenings and pre-board airport “naked scans” and security aren’t bad enough for travelers during the holiday season, fliers now need to ignore intrusive pat-downs and stay dehydrated. It seems that fluids like water don’t mix well with U.S. Airways flights.
A plane passenger on a flight from Fort Lauderdale to Denver was pulled off of the flight, after other airplane passengers reported to the airplane's crew that the flier was taking too many potty breaks. The U.S. Airways flight was checked by K-9 units on landing in Denver--the unnamed, male passenger temporarily detained at the airport while questioned about his on-board bathroom use.
The plane flight took off from Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport with a stop in Charlotte, North Carolina, and continuing to Denver International Airport. U.S. Airways hasn’t noted whether the passenger remained on the Fort Lauderdale flight or boarded the plane at the connecting Charlotte airport.
The U.S. Airways flight inspection found nothing suspicious on board the airplane, after grounding and K-9 units investigated—further, nothing was found in the bathroom.
Airport, FBI and TSA officials aren’t revealing how many times the passenger actually went to the on-board bathroom: "Per standard procedures, law enforcement and TSA personnel met the flight," says the TSA agency. TSA's statement is a bit confusing, with it unclear as to how there's a TSA "standard procedure" for too much on-board bathroom use.
"The [U.S. Airways] passenger was questioned and released and the [grounded] plane was swept, both with negative findings," said TSA via statement. According to reports, passengers told TSA or security authorities that the plane’s male passenger was "acting weird”.
But, then, having to use the bathroom will do that to most people--the "acting weird" and all. It's now known that the US Airways passenger may have actually been visiting the bathroom because of a medical issue.

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