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British Airways Flight Left Passengers No Pot to Piss In

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by underthesea

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Passengers traveling a British Airways (BA) plane flight from Heathrow, the world's busiest airport, to the Cayman Islands were instructed not to drink after the expensive airline neglected to empty toilets between flights.
British Airways, supposedly known for its service, which has suffered drastically over the past decade, is one of the most expensive airlines to fly. That clarified: 178 people-169 passengers and nine crew-traveling from Heathrow to Grand Cayman, via Nassau, had already been forced to share only two toilets of the normal six. One of those two plane toilets included location in the exclusive Club World (aka Business Class) cabin, sure to make British Airways Club World passengers especially pleased, for most of the 12-hour flight from Heathrow International Airport.
Four other toilets were closed due to 'blockages', but the blockage consisted of British Airways' negligence in emptying the toilets before takeoff, between flights. The routine 90-minute stop, before the plane's next departure, did not consist of British Airways employees emptying toilets from the previous flight.
One passenger recounts that ‘two-and-a-half hours away from Nassau, the Club World (Business Class) toilet also became blocked, and the only working toilet on the flight was right next to us. Shortly afterwards this also blocked.’ What a lucky passenger, getting to be next to the only functioning toilet during the remaining two and one-half hours of a flight. With the British Airways 767 plane then down to one only functioning toilet, the pilot asked all passengers on board to stop drinking liquids so that they could hold out until the plane landed in Nassau.
British Airways admits that the toilet issue occurred specifically because the toilets had not been serviced at Heathrow International Airport, where the toilet tanks should have been emptied. The toilets were finally emptied at Nassau. British Airways apologized to passengers, with a spokesman statement that : ‘If we had known of the situation we would not have taken off.’ Yeah, right, British Airways: and, surely, you provided refund compensations of some type to all your passengers AND the Club World passengers whom pay dearly to fly on your airline.

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