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British Airways BA

British Airways BA Charges Customers Twice to Keep Paid Mileage Purchased Already

February 29, 2012 9:28pm by copythat

In My Life

I like flying British Airways and don't mind donating mileage to charity, but it makes me angry to be paying for miles twice (now Avios) twice. Purchased mileage is good for three years. BA used to offer a way to extend mileage by donating to charities. That option no longer exists and airline customers have to pay again, to keep a product already purchased previously. Read more

Double Increased ADP Flyer Fees 2011 as British Airways BA Airline Gets Worse

February 10, 2011 11:32pm by hearit

In The News

British Airways Burned by Bin Laden BA Boarding Pass

June 2, 2010 11:25pm by copythis

In The News

British Airways is drawing attention with more than its labor dispute strikes-rumors abound that a boarding pass photo which appears to expedite the air travel of al-Qaida leader Osama bin Laden, i Read more

British Airways Flight Left Passengers No Pot to Piss In

May 15, 2010 5:00pm by underthesea

In The News

Passengers traveling a British Airways (BA) plane flight from Heathrow, the world's busiest airport, to the Cayman Islands were instructed not to drink after the expensive airline neglected to empt Read more