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Up the Cup Apple iPhone Boob Job App Creates Bigger Breasts Instantly

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by copythis

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If you're looking for an 'up' in cup size, there's an iPhone app for that: Bigger breasts may normally be expensive but one Apple developer is lowering that cost--to around a buck. Now cell phone users can see what even strangers may look like after breast enhancement. Snap a pic with an iPhone, then add a little 'Boob Job'--for the cheapest way yet to gain a bigger chest size.
'Boob Job' is now available in the Apple Store for under a buck and, with a few drags and pinches, anyone can have the surgery in a snap.
App-maker Lakeport Design recommends snapping that pic in a bra or bathing suit for best results. Two on-screen cursors are used to mark out breasts on any iPhone or Apple device, including not just cell phones but iPod Touch devices and iPads.
Women can get a quick idea of what they'd look like with breasts up to three cup sizes larger -- in what's dubbed a 'fun first step' for women considering the expensive surgery. Not far removed from real life, things can look slightly out of proportion: Screw up the positioning before 'enlargement', and 'Boob Job' can make those new breasts appear a bit uneven or lopsided.
Men can use the 'Boob Job' app on the sly, to see what they're girls may look like after a bit of enlargement. For an even larger viewing size, give it a go on the iPad.
The Apple Store app has moved up quickly through the ranks since its recent release. But Boob Job app isn't the only app of its kind: Doc Elizabeth Kinsley, MD, created iAugment. Unfortunately, while expertise ranks well in some areas, others tend to be, well, less about professionalism. 'Boob job' has a bit of a different ring to it.
On the fun and completely pointless side of things, guys aren't left totally out of the picture. 'Boob Job' users can throw a photo of any man into the app for hours of enjoyment. Or, at least, a good 30 seconds. As the Apple developer phrases it: "the possibilities are endless!" Perhaps even more endless with a few drinks added to the mix.
Next up: Penis Job. Time to get crackin', Lakeport.

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