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No Free Outlook Synching Software For Android Sucks

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by venusrising

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Android not coming with any type of decent way to Synch data with Microsoft Outlook seems so ridiculous. I purchased a new LG Optimus Android phone for a Christmas gift, the phone is great and easy to use and I knew getting outlook to synch would not be as easy as on a windows phone but the idea that the only real apps that work are on average of $40.00 US which is just crazy to me. We all know that Google and Microsoft could one day stop playing schoolyard fistfights and make some of this stuff a bit less than pulling teeth.

I know everyone has this idea that the days of desktop productivity software are behind us and we should happily send all of our personal information up to Google, Microsoft or Apple for “safe-keeping” and over the air synching is the new and only way to go. That is just utter nonsense for those of us that work in a business environment that rely on using Outlook. Microsoft outlook, (no matter how much you think of them as an evil empire) still cannot be beat for folder creation rules not to mention privacy. I like plugging in my Nokia N900 and knowing what I have on my PC will be with me and after leaving a copy on the server via POP I am never S.O.L if anything happens.

For those of you that need an Android Outlook Synching Solution that works I tested a few but Companion Link works very well. I wish the price was not so steep at $39.95 but they offer: USB Direct Synch, Local Wifi, Google and Hosted Wireless Synch. I am using the USB Direct Synch and it works extremely well. It takes some carefully reading of the directions to get it right so if you are quite a novice then it might take a few times to get how to set it up. They offer a trial version so you can see if it works for you before buying it. The also have Outlook Synchronizing applications for iPhone, ipad, Palm OS, Google, and Blackberry.

So c’mon Google and Microsoft, throw us a bone and don’t leave those of us left to purchase costly add-ons that should be standard or forced to abandoned Microsoft Outlook in lieu of over-the-air tyranny.


CompanionLink Software
811 SW Naito Parkway Suite 600
Portland, OR 97204
United States
Phone: 800-386-1623
45° 31' 0.2424" N, 122° 40' 23.2716" W
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July 12, 2012 by cristymatt, 8 years 4 weeks ago

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