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Man Recreates World Cup Soccer Games Action in Legos Video

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by underthesea

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Heads up, Lego--there's an ad opportunity on the horizon. A diehard soccer fan is recreating soccer matches with Legos in video form--even 'footage' of the goals from the World Cup matches like USA v England. Winning goals take three hours each to film.
The soccer-devoted website linked has been created by 19-year-old Fabian Moritz of Hannover, Germany--where he posts videos he's created of Lego toys recreating goals scored in European World Cup soccer matches. With World Cup soccer on the big stage in South Africa this month, the Lego creations are a big hit--scoring over 4 million viewers of Moritz's videos in days.
The USA-England World Cup soccer game has been recreated--in Lego format--which was also posted on the website of the British newspaper The Guardian with English voiceover, included the now-infamous goal that slipped by keeper Robert Greene.
Peter Hartlaub of the San Francisco Chronicle says: "Lego Robert Green's reaction to Lego Clint Dempsey's goal is priceless ("Oh, that'll take some getting over!"), but as I watch this more, I'm beginning to respect the little things — like taking the time to put Adidas and Kia Motors ads at the base of the stands, and the England players' sliding celebration after their goal."
Legofussball's first Lego soccer "match" in 2007 was a recreation of the game between Real Madrid and Moritz's favorite team, Hannover 96. "This friendly match was my debut," Moritz told USA TODAY. "I was bored and after this great [soccer] match, that Hannover 96 won 3-0 against Real Madrid, I had something to do.
"The reactions were great [to the recreated Lego soccer games], so I went on [to create more Lego recreated games]." Moritz says it takes about three hours to film a single soccer goal. "It's only me [recreating the soccer games with Legos], who produces and manages the videos and website.
I'm a crazy football [soccer] fan." Moritz is rooting for Germany in the World Cup matches, saying his love is soccer more so than Legos. "But I got Lego from my father a lot of years ago and I love stadiums, so I built my [soccer] stadium in a progress of many years. In summer 2007 I rebuilt Hannover's stadium."

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