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Suck the New Four Letter Word Profanity for NY Yankees at Tropicana Stadium

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by hearit

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In The News

A Tampa Bay "Rays" fan is kicked out of a home game at Tropicana Field for wearing a "Yankees Suck" t-shirt. The Florida baseball stadium claims the word is profanity. Apparently "suck" is the new four-letter word. The guy who got kicked out could come up with another four-letter word even more meaningful to the stadium: "suit". He's an attorney.

Melton Little says he was wearing the shirt to a May 16 baseball game between the "Rays" and New York "Yankees" -- at the "Rays" home baseball stadium, Tropicana Field. Chaperoning two sons, ages 8 and 19, Melton Little was approached by one of the stadium's ushers who informed him the shirt supposedly violates the field's policy.

Little says the stadium usher informed him the word "suck" is considered a "profanity" under Tropicana Field stadium policy. There were three options involved: turn the t-shirt inside out, remove the shirt altogether, or leave the stadium.

No word on what the usher expected the fan to do about having no shirt whatsoever to wear if he removed the current one. Perhaps he would have encountered another usher, asking him to leave Tropicana Field for "nudity".

As it turns out, "Rays" fan Melton Little is an attorney -- a lawyer specializing in civil and family law practice. The lawyer says he wrote a letter to the Rays asking them to reconsider their policy toward the word "suck" -- which he says he does not consider indecent or offensive.

"I teach my kids to say that [suck] instead of other four-letter words," Little told the media.

But, alas, the team hasn't yet gotten back to him about his letter. Maybe a lawyer isn't the guy you want to kick out of a stadium, over potential legal issues like 'policy'.

It all must be a sore subject for the Yankees, after being on the tip of everyone's tongue for so long -- two words that just seem to go together.

And then there's that book, the one titled "Yankees Suck": The Unofficial Guide for Fans Who Hate, Despise, Loath, and Detest Those Bums From the Bronx


Tropicana Field
One Tropicana Drive
St. Petersburg, FL 33705
United States
27° 46' 5.9772" N, 82° 39' 12.3084" W
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