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From An Amazon Hater To A Diehard Fan-We Beat Cyber Monday

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by venusrising

venusrising's picture
In My Life

How did this happen? By being able to shop black Friday deals online. Yeah, I shopped all night and got some killer deals. In fact I also tried the Amazon Prime Trial and all my Christmas shopping is done and many already delivered Saturday. YES even Saturday! The rest of the items will arrive no later than Wednesday. My Christmas shopping was officially completed late Friday to early Saturday am. So I Beat out Cyber Monday by a few days. Take that You Black Friday tent sleepers and pepper spray crazies. I was home warm and cozy and picking up sweet from Amazon in my PJ’s., I chose to stay far far away from the retail chaos that was underway in the local Target, Walmart, Best Buys and Fry’s Electronics stores.

I had a blast staying up all night waiting for the new deals to start and it was a thrilling ride and more enjoyable. I even ordered scotch tape and scissors from Amazon since they were doing a $5.00 credit if you purchased $25 worth of scotch stuff-EASY. No trips to the drugstore needed for wrapping woo hoo.

So how did this hater become a diehard fan? It would take some time but it happened.

Years ago when Amazon came on the scene Microsoft was in all sorts of anti-trust legal issues and I thought, “Oh God, all we need is one more monolithic retailer controlling everything.” I started by ordering books as more and more bookstores began closing in our local cities. I have purchased bike tires, kettlebells not to mention many other items that I could avoid driving all over town for to find. When they began selling Cat Food I became a Diehard. No more trecks going to drag home 12lb bags of food and the nearly 45 minute round-trip drive to get it done. Now I order and Amazon delivers- cat food, bike tires (whatever) to my door anytime I need something. I trust them to get the orders right when fulfilled by them and delivered as promised, A total win in my book. I save my time for other valuable life and holiday activities that do no include traipsing in and out of stores for weeks. Thanks Amazon I think you added years to my life.

Amazon Cyber Monday Deals

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It may sound good, but you

December 27, 2014 by jeremysmith (not verified), 9 years 24 weeks ago

jeremysmith's picture

It may sound good, but you dont have to wait for black friday to get a discounts. Online sites like offers a vast choices of useful coupons for different kind of products.