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Fendi Crazy Carats Womens Watch Crown Literally Flips Gemstones Diamonds

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by hearit

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A timepiece with the flexibility to match literally every piece of clothing: The Fendi "Crazy Carats" watch makes its flexibility worth the $15,000 investment--and its price tag explains the video ad necessity, so purchasers can see the watch "in action".

Fendi's "Crazy Carats" top-of-the-line model includes Top Wesselton VVS diamonds--simply rotate the crown to change the gemstones for any mood and with just a flip of the dial. Fendi's patented design literally rolls over the marker pieces, for wearers to choose from diamonds, sapphires, rubies or topaz--for those willing to spring the fifteen grand.

Scratch the Top Wesselton VVS diamonds for a starter model of the "Crazy Carats" watch, Get the Fendi model at Nordstrom starting at $2,700: rotate between three gemstone options for the markers: alternating smoky topaz/diamonds, multi-colored topaz or ruby.

Watch Fendi's release video to see how the gemstones actually flip for display, with a turn of the crown--true to the Italian design house of Fendi, incredibly smooth.

The greatest irony: Fendi's just released its much-awaited "Crazy Carats" womens' watch line October 2010, but don't expect to find any reference to it. Apparently the design house is a bit slow on the technology timeline--the Fendi website's still lacking any reference to the watch it's simultaneously trying to pump.


355 North Rodeo Drive
Beverly Hills, CA 90210
United States
Phone: (310) 276-8888
34° 4' 7.6188" N, 118° 24' 9.2628" W
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