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Fake Casey Anthony Video Confession Scam Continues to Infect Facebook

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by hearit

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Stupidity is an amazing thing. Stupidity that affects others is also an irritating thing. Don't be the idiot to spread the Casey Anthony Confession Video Scam on Facebook: While a jury finds Casey Anthony not guilty of murder in a court trial, people continue to flock to the idea that she's personally going to confess murder to them.

The fake Casey Anthony video continues to make the rounds on Facebook -- continually spread by users on the social networking site who are sure there's a murder confession coming their way. Click on it and you'll be confessing your idiocy to "Friends".

The scam video that continues to make the rounds on Facebook claims you can watch a secret video confession by Casey Anthony -- the woman just acquitted of murdering her two-year-old daughter Caylee Anthony in Orlando, Florida. Neither the confession or video truly exists. What does is exist is a compromise of your personal Facebook information.

The fake video's titled "BREAKING NEWS - Leaked Video of Casey Anthony CONFESSING to Lawyer!". The video scam promises Casey Anthony can't be re-tried in court because of double jeopardy -- that it's "OJ all over again!"

For Facebook users who choose to click and try to play the video, they'll be led to a page asking for age confirmation -- with the instruction to click “Jaa” two times in order to play the supposed "confession". Nothing will play. There is no video. But clicking immediately allows scammers to access the Facebook user's personal information. Plus they get an additional bonus: the Casey Anthony scam video subsequently spreads to all of a user's Facebook Friends, spreading the irritation and prompting the chances for others to click on the scam to spread the video through additional "Friends" lists.

The video infects your own Facebook wall -- where it becomes posted and shared with your Facebook list of Friends. For those who have the time or stupidity to fill out surveys, you're simply earning cash for scammers.

C'mon, people -- get it together: Casey Anthony isn't confessing anything to you she didn't confess in a trial.

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