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Kevin Trudeau’s Debt Cures "They" Don't Want You to Know About Scam

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by venusrising

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Kevin Trudeau’s Debt Cures "They" Don't Want You to Know About is a Scam. It Is another fluffed up middle of the night get rich quick scheme. I call it a total scam, for the unfulfilled promises this book makes. In late night infomercials Kevin Trudeau sits around a bunch of giggling girls hanging on his every word waiting to hear how he is going to share these “Debt Cures” "They" Don't Want You to Know About.
I would love to know who “they” are to begin with. The first part of the book he talks so much smack about the credit card companies, (and don’t get me wrong I think they can be a bunch of crooks too) but dealing with them is part of life and after reading chapter after chapter about calling to negotiate debt and avoiding bankruptcy and keep and eye on your credit file as well as fixing any unknown errors. Still, I see no Debt cures that most people are not aware of, in fact these are not cures at all but free information you can request in a booklet from your local government without paying $39.95 plus shipping for a secret cure that still by books end eludes the reader.
The dangling carrot that leads off this whole Kevin Trudeau Debt Cure’s wild goose chase is the FREE MONEY portion. He goes on about hidden and free government money and how to claim it, he tells about phone numbers from the government for “Free Money.” He suggests you look for unclaimed funds. Now, truth be told, I have been quite successful using our State Controller website and finding unclaimed funds belonging to my family. This money was from old stock and bank account long since forgotten due to deaths, bank mergers etc. Most states have this available and while it is a lengthy process in forms and verifications it can be well worth it and it is free. You do not pay your State Government for the money and they are not giving you anything for free. Yes, there government grants usually granted to non-profits and individuals or those qualifying with strict stipulations and example may be a teacher writes a grant for new computers in her class, if she wins this writing competition and pleads her case well these can be very fruitful for a society at whole.
I am no Debt Cures or FREE MONEY Pro like Mr. Kevin Trudeau but I have been hard-pressed scouring the web and libraries looking for this phone number that after one call and a form I can get $10,000 dollars to pay off my debt or start a business; for business loans we have the SBA In my opinion, Mr. Kevin Trudeau, and his Debt Cures, Free Money and Health Cures books are nothing more than modern day snake oils sales. Feel Free to see some of the comments from users that purchased it from,
You will be hard pressed to get information from Costco or his infomercial company on the satisfaction rate of these purchases. In today’s economy when people are really trying to find “cures” and answers for life’s ills this is one snake oil salesman that should be sent packing. This is just a sample of unclaimed fund State websites simply enter the State name followed by unclaimed funds and you should find information for your state. If you like this wack, why not sign up and write your own? It’s easy free and fun not to mention a great stress reliever that just may help someone else.

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