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Man Captures Existentialist Full Double Rainbow Video Yosemite

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by copythat

copythat's picture
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Rare Yosemite video footage taken by a Yosemitebear Mountain hiker who finds a Full Double Rainbow--and he really likes rainbows. In fact he seems to really, really like rainbows--especially full double rainbows. Any probability of shrooms or LSD aside, there's a whole lot of intense rainbow feelings going in this crazy video clip at Yosemite.

Experience the intense 3-minute emotional cycle as if it's your own--beginning with "Woahs", leading to "Oh, my God!" and transversing much crying, laughing, and ending in the existentialist "What does this mean?!? --you'll wish you were there to answer the question.


Yosemite, CA
United States
37° 46' 14.1456" N, 119° 30' 38.7756" W
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