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Wife Poses as 17-Year-Old in Fake Facebook Account Says Husband Plans Murder

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by hearit

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Facebook has been used for all sorts of things other than "friends" -- including extracurricular activities like affairs. A nasty divorce takes an uglier turn when a spouse tries to dig up some dirt on her husband, only to find she believes he's gunning for her murder.

It's usually not a good thing when someone wants you dead -- particularly your spouse.

29-year-old Angela Voelkert created a fake Facebook profile in order to get some dirt on her husband she was divorcing. She got a bit more than dirt. And more than a reveal of plans for an affair.

Perhaps suspecting her husband's taste not to be far removed from that of Anthony Weiner, Angela Voelkert posed as a 17-year-old girl to go after a man more than twice that age -- her 38-year--old husband, David.

She named herself "Jessica Studebaker" before contacting her husband via the new, fake Facebook account.

As figured, her husband first asked "Jessica" to run away with him. Her husband admitted to a GPS hidden on his wife’s vehicle. And then the fun began: David Voelkert admitted to “Jessica” that he wanted his wife -- Angela Voelkert -- out of the picture. Like dead.

Court documents attribute statements to David Voelkert that include:

“Once she [wife Angela Voelkert] is gone, I don’t have to hide with my kids…I can do what I want and not have to worry about not seeing my family anymore. You should find someone at your school. There should be some gang-bangers there that would put a cap in her ass for $10,000. I am done with her crap!"

"Cap in her ass"? Apparently David is straight outta Compton.

Prosecution charges against the soon-to-be-ex-husband have been dropped. It seems good ol' David knew his wife had set up a fake Facebook account all along. Maybe it was the porn star name that gave it away. Or the porn star-ish pic.

A ploy like this might've been better outside of a pending divorce, with a criminal defense attorney coming out of mutual funds and all.

It all goes to prove that like really does attract like. Maybe that divorce isn't so necessary after all. After all, it's hard to find someone with a good sense of humor.

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