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Neighbors Get Into Gun Dispute Over Florida Bananas

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by hearit

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Never trust a man with a banana in his pocket. Equally, never trust a man with a gun in his pocket, growing bunches of bananas. Two neighbors argue over bananas—in a confrontation that ends with a gun.
It started out as a nice (or as nice as they get) neighborly dispute--over bananas. Florida resident Richard Jeff told police that he was walking in his back yard, collecting branches and debris--when his 85-year-old neighbor, Joseph Giacomo, confronted him. Jeff said Giacomo accused him of stealing bananas from his tree. He says his neighbor, Giacomo, pointed a gun at his head, threatening to pull the trigger—all while holding a black firearm resembling an automatic weapon.
Police arrive, when Giacomo admits that a fence line confrontation did occur. He claims that Jeff was carrying a big stick—which he says was being used to knock bananas off of Giacomo's tree. Jeff denied stealing any bananas, and Giacomo says he went back inside his home. Unfortunately for Giacomo, he gave full permission to police to enter his house--where officers then found a gun matching the description, in his nightstand. After the gun discovery, officers arrested Giacomo and charged him with aggravated assault with a firearm.
But don’t think it’s over: never mess with a full-blooded Italian man who carries a big gun rather than a big stick.

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