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UP Movie Replica Home Built For Sale in Utah Matches Disney House

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by copythis

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If you love the movie "Up" someone's got something to sell you--and it's not a bridge: Architects have created a pretty much exact replica of the house featured in Disney Pixar's "Up" film. That home's really for sale. If you want to live in Utah, you're lucky--and if you also want to pay under half a million for an incredible new habitat, you're extremely fortunate indeed.
Builders have recreated the multi-coloured residence featured in Disney's "Up" -- right down to every detail. Adam Bangerter of Bangerter Homes is responsible for the near-perfect replica that lies in Herriman near Salt Lake City, Utah. It's 2,800 square feet and though the home isn't licensed by Disney, it is officially Disney-approved. Contractors ensured every detail -- from the garden hose reel to front door entry, scalloped roof shingles and even the unique weather vane matches the imaginary versions seen in the 2009 animated film.
The paint colors? Those too are a match-up, so the buyer better be fond of bright colors.
The same pastel color scheme is featured, completed by purple window frames and surrounded by a white-picket fence. An actual woodcarver crafted a wooden bird to match the one repeatedly saved by Carl in the movie -- and the interior furniture, fireplace, stairs, moulding and appliances are all custom-designed, since they don’t exist in the real world.
On the inside a 'Paradise Falls' painting awaits the new home's buyer -- artwork hung above the fireplace in the home that boasts three and a half baths and an asking price at under half a million dollars: It's a bargain at $399,000.
The 2,800-foot space is also equipped with cable outlets in room, a tankless water heater, a basement not featured in the movie (for obvious reason), a family room and two bedrooms. One bedroom features is a tribute to Disney princesses -- the other recreates Andy’s room in a tribute to the "Toy Story" movies.
If you're up for a unique house, rest assured it's for a good cause: A portion of proceeds from the home's sale will be donated to the Make-A-Wish Foundation.
A lifelong dream to explore the wilderness of South America is included -- though the buyer's not required to care for any lost boy scouts who may be wandering around Utah.


Bangerter Homes - Adam Bangerter
10424 S 2700 W
South Jordan, UT 84095
United States
Phone: (801) 446-2866
40° 33' 42.3936" N, 111° 57' 28.8576" W
"Up" Disney Pixar Movie Replica Home Herriman , UT 84095
United States
40° 30' 50.814" N, 112° 1' 58.7784" W
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