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Wedding Turns Sour for Bad Teacher Woman Sprays Cops with Breast Milk

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by hearit

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In The News

Mother's milk has been used for many things--including a base for a London breast milk flavored ice cream dubbed "Baby Gaga"--but the natural nourishment has never been utilized quite as creatively as a Delaware teacher's use: A drunken, Ohio teacher sprayed cops after exposing her breasts.
Weird things happen at weddings, and weird things happen following weddings. An Ohio woman's accused of "disorderly conduct" by Delaware law enforcement after she allegedly sprays sheriff's deputies. She's also making the "Bad Teacher" movie even more relevant -- a reputation the Ohio school who employs her doesn't want. She's just been fired from that teaching position. It seems Ohio's Summit Academy charter school was no longer in need of her teaching services.
A standard domestic dispute visit by Delaware County sheriffs turned anything but standard: A 30-year-old woman had ingested quite a volume of alcohol at a wedding that had a follow-up reception at the Bridgewater Banquets Facility. That heavy drinking apparently caught up with the teacher. After her husband says she'd hit him, she then locked herself into a car.
It seems she really didn't want to exit the car, not even at the urging of law enforcement. When cops tried to remove the Delaware woman from the car physically, she used the only "weapon" she had available -- spraying officers with breast milk.
Here's hoping that kid wasn't missing a vodka-filled meal.


Bridgewater Banquets Facility Conference Center
10561 Sawmill Parkway
Powell, OH 43065
United States
Phone: (614)734-9800
Fax: (614)734-4560
40° 8' 36.2724" N, 83° 5' 28.6908" W
Summit Academy - Parma City
7667 Day Dr
Parma, OH 44129-5603
United States
Phone: (440) 888-5407
41° 22' 49.4652" N, 81° 44' 14.5104" W
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