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Brother Hits Sister and Bride with Wrench at Wedding Reception

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by hearit

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For those that fear their own wedding reception “celebration” equals a nightmarish turn of events, rest easy—you’ve been trumped, by at least one tool. Police say a 31-year-old man hit his pregnant sister in the mouth--with a wrench--at her own wedding reception.

The accused David J. Sicotte faces felony charges of assault with a weapon—plus some “disorderly conduct” thrown into the fray. The wedding catastrophe, in the Three Forks, Montana, area, apparently involved the brother as an uninvited guest—considering the outcome, that decision was obviously a good plan. But plans fail: prosecutors say Sicotte arrived at the August 27 reception, where he allegedly shoved his sister's new mother-in-law to the ground—aka the groom’s mother—an event which, in turn, began a fight with the groom.

Not much could be more humiliating than turning your wedding guests into witnesses—unfortunately that’s the instance: witnesses, slash guests, say Sicotte later came at his sister while wielding a wrench.

Don’t mess with family. Sicotte’s sister—aka the bride—says she slapped her intoxicated brother. His response to the slap was the seemingly obvious (to him, but then a lot of things make more sense while drunk): Sicotte allegedly then hit his sister in the mouth with the tool. Sicotte may be out on bail but, in the interim, he’s been court-ordered not to drink alcohol, enter a bar or come within 300 feet of the home where the reception occurred.

Aside from the obvious concerning such a sequence of events, the more notable question may include exactly how a wrench becomes the ‘obvious’ accessory for a wedding reception.

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