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Mayor Says Merry Christmas with Bloodshed and Death in Bizarre Photo Card

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Bloodshed and death aren't standard inclusions for a Christmas scene--but San Juan's mayor Santini in Puerto Rico proudly displays wife, son and daughters in a bizarre scenario that ain't a manger scene. Try a stuffed leopard killing an antelope as centerpiece.
Families in Arizona can pose with Santa and semi-automatic weapons and an entire range of guns valued at one-fifth of a million dollars in available weaponry -- for lots of photo opps. Those family photos are unusual. Mayor Santini's are just bizarre. And they don't appear quite so merry.
Mayor Jorge Santini of San Juan posed with five family members and two stuffed, newer additions for the photo: A leopard appears mid-scene, at the throat of an antelope -- an animal which appears to be in the throes of death because of the leopard sunk into its throat. It's one bizarre scene. And there's not a lot of explaining. The partial explanation may have been better left alone.
Santini earned himself prime position for the 2011 Christmas photo card now appearing on the infamous Awkward Family Photo -- his live family appearing with a taxidermied one. Aside from the all-around smiles from those living, in immediate surrounding of those killing or dying, is the equally bizarre message to loved ones. Jorge Santini apparently has wishes aside from hunting any game. Here's his wish, translated from Spanish: "That you may illuminate your dream this Christmas” 
Local politicians interpret the Puerto Rican Santini's Christmas card as a warning to opponents. There's an upcoming election and the insinuation is that the Christmas family photo represents more of a Soprano-style statement. But the Mayor seems to be claiming wholesomeness -- that he's simply promoting the San Juan Wildlife Museum.
If that's the case, it must be one unusual zoo that mimics the natural wild so closely. Most zoos tend to put only like animals together, not those that like to eat or kill each other.


San Juan, PR
United States
18° 27' 58.8024" N, 66° 6' 20.5992" W
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