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New Fig Leaf Underwear Bras Hide Private Junk in Airport TSA Naked Scans

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by hearit

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In The News

No word on whether TSA plans to ban the new “fig leaf” underwear--designed to block that "junk" and privates at airports currently being displayed in images of new "naked scans". With some luck for frequent flyers, the “fig” might get travelers through the TSA airport "naked scans" during Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays--before any possible TSA agency ban on the mens' and womens' intimates.
A fig leaf has proved popular for many a years—with new, enhanced "naked scans" and backscatter x-ray technology, the leaf just might make a comeback.
The new, special “underwear” sport a strategically placed fig leaf—which a guy in Colorado is apparently hoping will continue to get travelers through TSA security unscathed.
The most controversial womens' "fig leaf" underwear model--the one the media isn't talking about with all of the controversy--includes convenient placement of hands around that "leaf". 
After all the recent hoopla over “junk”—and the San Diego Airport video that went viral in November after an engineer told a TSA agent he’d sue him if the agent touched his “junk”—entrepreneurialism shines. The inventor of the new fig leaf protective undies is betting on his idea behind the new mens’ and womens’ “intimates”: metal. Jeff Buske says his “fig leaf” underwear invention use a powdered metal—the goal: to protects travelers’ privacy and privates, for those undergoing medical or security screenings performed by TSA workers at airports.
The new underwear are designed to battle the recently-instituted backscatter "naked scanners" now being utilized by hundreds of airports throughout the nation--with another 50 of the enhanced scanners slated to enter nationwide airports by the end of the Thanksgiving and Christmas holiday seasons.
No word on how comfortable the "fig leaf" underwear truly are, or whether they’ll “go the distance”—like that mileage required during a 13-hour flight.
The company behind the new fig leaf is in Las Vegas, Nevada—dubbed “Rocky Flats Gear”--swears its technology is comfortable. Supposedly the underwear's inserts are thin, designed to conform to the body's contours, so that it would be difficult to hide anything beneath the “private” area. The mix of tungsten with other metals will not set off airport or TSA metal detectors.
The womens' underwear models are available in both briefs and undies—the most controversial womens’ design includes some hands surrounding that fig leaf. The mens’ version of the airport underwear “fig leaf” is available in both sports trunk boxers and briefs, in a wide selection of colors. Hands aren't included on the guys' "fig leaf"--though the manufacturing company should could take a cue on in producing a design for the daring--not to mention the fact that Rocky Flats Gear could be missing a bundle in sales figures, with a specialized community who may fully appreciate those "hands".
Women can also buy bra inserts from The Rocky Flats Gear company—a pair of bra inserts for less than twenty buck, designed to preserve privacy of the upper ‘half’. A complete sports bra is separately available for airport travelers.
There’s also an entire childrens’ line of the privacy guards, including boxers for boys and bras and kids briefs for young girls.
For those who believe the ‘too good to be true’ underwear to last, frequent flyers can learn more about the new fig leaf underwear or buy directly from Rocky Flats Gear company. It may be only a matter of time until TSA shuts down the new briefs, with manufacturer contact made with the TSA but no word or response yet.
The airport underwear prove more of a hit with guys: the male gender is seeming to have even more of an issue with TSA's new "nakes scans"--insecurity issue with just how large (or small) that “junk” may be seems to be of concern. Many men are option for the pat-down route, but that's not going so well either for TSA workers.
Female traverlers seem to be having more of a problem over being “manhandled” with physical pat-downs. When it comes to the new “figs” however, the underwear designs don’t seem to offer a lot of options for women—in particular, for women preferring far less material than the available briefs and bikini models. 


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