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Stores On Line RIP OFF

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by Visitor

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In My Life

I had not heard any negative comments on the Stores On Line program out of Utah so I decided to give them a try to set up a web site. I went to one of their seminars and got caught up in their spiel and their supposed success stories and I forgot a cardinal rule to always think it over before committing. I am now very sorry that did not follow this rule as they make lots of promises and tell you that you can be successful if you follow their program. What a bunch of crap!

Once they have your money, the help you get is almost non existent and if you want more help, guess what, YOU HAVE TO PAY IN MORE MONEY!

These people run a very well organized SCAM. Lots of data to show how successful other people who joined have become but it is a very limited number who may have made any money from this program except of course the Stores On Line people who are making a killing by selling this B S program to people who just want to make some extra money themselves. They are looking for help and guidance and are the perfect prey for this company. Those of us who have been stupid enough to believe their spiel and put out our hard earned cash to try and make a better living through selling products on line are now finding out that almost everything they said is plain B S and that we were stupid enough to fall for it!

If you are ever tempted to go to one of their seminars, please do not do it as you will be sorry. Their high pressure tactics can over come the most resilient defense and soon you will have paid out a lot of money and six months later you too will be singing the blues and berating yourself for being taken so easily.

Remember the old saying "If it seems to good to be true, it probably isn't. Don't just walk away from this program - RUN AWAY as fast as you can!!!

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