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Stores On Line RIP OFF

July 4, 2015 4:28pm by Visitor

In My Life

I had not heard any negative comments on the Stores On Line program out of Utah so I decided to give them a try to set up a web site. I went to one of their seminars and got caught up in their spiel and their supposed success stories and I forgot a cardinal rule to always think it over before committing. Read more

Police Chief Busts Midway Georgia Kids Lemonade Stand in Health Concerns

July 17, 2011 4:15pm by hearit

In The News

Apparently it's not the "growing city with a hometown feel" that Midway, Georgia, advertises as its city slogan: Three kids trying to raise money to visit a local water park are busted--the girls' lemonade stand shut down, forced to close by the Midway city's police chief. This is serious: The Chief cites health concerns. Where did that lemonade come from? Read more

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No American Dream as Inspectors Close Kids Lemonade Stand

August 9, 2010 11:52am by copythis

In The News

Who can resist a kids’ lemonade stand? Apparently, health inspectors. It seems there’s no “American Dream” in one Oregon county—where health inspectors have forced closure of a small girl's lemonade business at a local arts fair -- shutting down the kid's enterprise despite backing from vendors.
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