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lemonade stand

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by dreamin2win

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In The News

Was just gonna comment on the county closing the lemonade stand of the child. Governments wastes so much money they are going after the children now.

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Yes I find it ridiculous,

August 11, 2010 by venusrising, 12 years 33 weeks ago

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Yes I find it ridiculous, What happened to the fun of setting up a lemonade stand and the thrill of a budding entrepreneur exploring her potential. I had lemonade stands growing up, many of them in fact and it teaches you so much about independence, free-enterprise and all of the joyous things this country was founded on. I have a policy to stop at everyone I see as I just love how much a part of childhood and Americana they are.
Outrageous! In a time when folks are down do we really need to trample on the simple sacred things that cost little and bring so much joy? They should be damn ashamed. A $120.00 vendor's license really.? Come on Portland, Oregon, hire some health inspectors with brains will ya