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World's Biggest 9x6 Foot Earth Atlas $100K Book Published

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What is being called the world’s biggest book is slated for the biggest publishing price tag: $100,000 dollars per copy. For those that don’t read or only look at the pictures, there’s lots of ‘em in the atlas that runs larger than most coffee tables: measuring six feet by nine feet, an Australian publisher is making only 31 copies of its book, “EARTH, Platinum edition”, available. The publisher: Millennium House, based in Sydney, Australia. The “giant” edition atlas features massive maps of entire continents and crisp pics of the world’s most famous locations.

While the Millennium House publisher is touting the product as the world’s biggest, Guinness World Records says its company hasn’t received a claim regarding a record attempt for the atlas.
The publisher says it’s new limited run is in fact bigger than the Klencke Atlas, made in 1660 as a royal gift. But according to the UK’s Guardian newspaper, the Klencke tome has only been deemed as the world's largest atlas—while Millenium House is going for the whole enchilada of “biggest book”.

The unusual literary creation has just debuted at Germany’s Frankfurt Book Fair, a fair no doubt chosen for its common descriptive of “the world's biggest”. While the Frankfurt Book Fair festival’s been moving toward emphasis of the future in e-books and digital technology, the “EARTH, Platinum edition” publisher is confident that what he says is the world’s biggest book’s has longevity:

"It's all about creating a legacy," the publisher’s told the media. "Today, everything is digital and it's gone in a second. This [book] will still be around in 500 years."

Well, that is if someone can find a place to store it through those generations. There’s certainly not going to be anyone around to disprove that theory.

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