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Cabbage Patch Diaries Awkward Family Photos Tears Will Roll

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by editor

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Nothing says awkward like the entitled foursome that comprises "The Cabbage Patch Diaries" from Awkward Family Photos online. While words can speak loudly, certain photos speak loudest. Who can forget the ghostly, second shot that levitated throughout 'professional' photography -- like staring at a second version of your deceased self. In this photo, the photographer exemplifies creativity, making the Cabbage Patch doll himself the ghostly-transferred image in place of a side view.

Viewers must click the related link below, to fully grasp and view the awkwardness of 'Awkward Family Photos'. Tears will roll, and those tears will be laughter.

Alas, the time of "fun" and, thankfully -- related dolls and photos -- has passed. However some of the Cabbage Patch Dolls weren't quite so frightening as the unforeseen incidents that the dolls 'inspired': the world will forever be marred and scarred by the Cabbage Patch Trends impact, including the infamous '80's shuffle that moved its way through nightclubs decades ago: the infamous "Cabbage Patch Dance". You can learn to do the "Cabbage Patch" -- even if you're only a few decades behind.

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