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Fix a Flat Cosmetic Surgery Injections Surpass the Kardashian Ass

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by hearit

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In The News

Cosmetic surgery can go wrong and be dangerous depending on the person responsible, but a Florida scenario ups the ante with potentially deadly danger: A transgender woman performed injections based on home improvement products thrown into the mix. Kim Kardashian doesn't use Fix-A-Flat and concrete injected straight to the ass.

Cops say a Miami Gardens transgender man, portraying himself as a woman, has been practicing medicine without that minor license required to legally do so. In what was supposed to be an enhancement surgery to boost a rear, the method bypassed even what have become known as dangerous silicone injections. This combination, shot to the ass, included concrete.

He's got no actual medical expertise--nor, it seems, common sense.

30-year-old Oneal Ron Morris was in police custody related after the Florida Department of Health seems to have had an issue with the idea that a visiting 'patient' of the transgender woman was allegedly injected with a mixture to rival any contractor's Home Depot shopping list: The injection mixture, apparently intended to enhance a rear, included cement, super glue, mineral oil -- and even that legendary product known as "Fix a Flat".

No strips or staples to seal up the incision made to force in that concrete mix: The 'doc' used super glue to close up the cut. Police became involved after his patient ended up being a patient again -- in a Florida hospital after becoming seriously ill.

But at least the man believes in his product. He's apparently been using injections on himself.


Miami Gardens, FL
United States
25° 56' 31.3368" N, 80° 14' 44.178" W
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October 26, 2021 by d_s98u98, 2 years 33 weeks ago

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October 26, 2021 by d_s98u98, 2 years 33 weeks ago

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