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Thieves Steal Tony Robbins Motivational CDs Leaving Behind New Logitech Webcam

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by venusrising

venusrising's picture
In My Life

Let's just say my sister left her garage door open - and that, yes, she left her car door unlocked too. Despite the fact she was just feet away, upstairs having a drink with friends, thieves got into the car and ransacked it. Kind of. They didn't damage anything. In fact they were as orderly as the car - which makes it kind of weird that they missed some major things that would be obvious to most burglars. There were (possibly) helpful things, like a spare ignition key that just happened to be sitting in the glovebox on that exact day.
Thieves don't tend to be known for their genius, but some are smarter than others. Aside from ignoring the tool that would've allowed them to simply back the car out of an open garage and simply drive the car away, stealing a luxury vehicle without even having to hotwire it, the items they chose to steal were most interesting: The (potential) thinking is unclear but among the items stolen were an entire make-up bag filled with valuable (yet used by someone else's lips) Mac lipsticks. All the while, the car's back seat contained a relatively expensive and brand new piece of electronic equipment - a high-end, Logitech Webcam that was still sealed in the retail box. And there it sat, long after the thieves were gone.
While the thieves did miss out on a free car that would've been relatively free for their taking, they did gain something that could add to their life. The choice, though, is a bit perplexing. Thieves chose to steal a complete CD set ... of Tony Robbins. Hopefully Robbins' motivational CDs, titled "Creating Lasting Change - The 7 Steps to Maximum Impact" will be highly beneficial.
In this dire economy, I guess words of encouragement prove more valuable than tangible goods and gadgets. Either that, or these were among the dumbest robbers around.


Robbins Research International Inc.
9888 Carroll Centre Road Suite 100
San Diego, CA 92126
United States
Phone: 800-466-7111
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