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Stranded Guys Literally Taken in Circles by Drunk Tow Boat Captain

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by hearit

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In The News

People may say they feel like they're "going in circles" but a couple guys in South Florida have an absolute right to that concept: A drunk tow boat captain towed a couple guys whose boat had broken down in what probably felt like way more than a three-hour tour--since it was. The men drove in circles, all night.

Drunk driving charges extend to the realm of both land and sea, as 63-year-old Timothy Pooler of Boynton Beach has discovered. The tow boat captain's looking at a legal charge of boating under the influence.

The guy was called to assist two men whose boat had broken down about 25 miles off Delray Beach at night. Those guys were probably really wishing AAA services were available on the water. First, the tow truck boat didn't arrive for about four hours. But that was just the start: After hooking the boats, the captain allegedly drove them all around--in circles--throughout the night.

The men probably never prayed for daylight in the unending drive that led to daybreak hours, when the boat captain finally asked one of stranded guys to drive the tow boat.

Then, in part three of the saga, the tow boat actually ran out of fuel. In a smart or extremely desperate move, the guys were able to get the engine of their own disabled boat temporarily working again and--in a very kind gesture considering their experience--also towed the captain's boat until later cutting it loose.

As it turns out, at least part one of the saga was admittedly related to some alcohol consumption by the tow boat captain. Parts two through four: perhaps related to some prescription medication intake.


Boynton Beach, FL
United States
26° 31' 31.2564" N, 80° 3' 59.1516" W
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