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Sting Like a Bee or Set a Beehive on Fire with Burning Gasoline

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by copythat

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In The News

Most people understand that if they hit someone, the odds are they may get hit back. Physical violence begets violence. But that’s a lesson that apparently insects still need to learn: A guy in Washington state got a bit ticked with some bees after being stung earlier in the day. He wasn't floating like a butterfly and couldn't sting like a bee, so the man decided to do the next best thing: He lit the beehive on fire -- with gasoline.

The guy decided to dump a load of highly flammable gasoline on the hanging beehive, in retaliation for his being stung by the insect. All considered with stupidity, the guy's home -- fortunately for him and neighbors -- didn't go up in flames. But the burning hive not only singed the blameless tree from which the beehive was hanging -- and caused an explosion that rung throughout the neighborhood. The loud explosion triggered response by a concerned fire department who says the fire's ignition sounded like a “whoosh” before burning part of the adjacent tree. Reportedly the fire did kill some bees – but there’s no confirmation on whether the guilty party was actually burned alive.

Oddly, the Lynden Fire Chief has a different suggestion: "The correct way to do that is to call a beekeeper."

Silly firefighters. Everyone knows those naughty bees must pay.


Lynden, WA
United States
48° 56' 47.4144" N, 122° 27' 7.5852" W
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