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Fire the Cleaning Lady A Vacuum is Worth a Million Bucks at Walmart

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Some people are incredibly strange. Some are incredibly dumb. A guy in North Carolina would've been smarter to have been less greedy. He could've demanded change from Walmart employees for a thousand dollar bill instead of a million. The clerk didn't want to hand over nine hundred thousand, plus, in change. And it wasn't because the till was empty.
A (wanna-be) customer, that a Lexington Wal-Mart Supercenter didn't really want, is accused of insisting to store staff that a 'million-dollar' bill handed to a clerk was in fact real. He just wanted change. There was one problem. Walmart employees didn't want to hand over roughly $999,000 that the 'customer' claimed to be due. While he didn't gain the merchandise or 'change', he did garner himself a jail stay and bill of another kind.
It seems 53-year-old Michael Fuller was either ready to clean house or thought the items in his cart would add some legitimacy in efforts to pass off the unreal: As funny as the "funny money", his $476 in attempted 'purchases' included a vacuum cleaner. It's not the first million dollar loss related to cleaning.
Maybe as dumb as presenting fake money was the man's decision not to depart -- immediately. Walmart store employees didn't phone cops until after insistence that the million dollar bill was legitimate and real. Apparently he's never heard advice from Kenny Rogers.
It remains unclear whether the guy's really, really stupid or believes Walmart store employees are really, really stupid. Of course the largest bill manufactured in the United States tops out at a hundred bucks. Even those with billions haven't seen a million bopping around. And, considering the economy, no one will -- not in this lifetime. Ironically, a few more IQ points might've gained the guy both the merchandise and a "get out of jail free card": Arguably, presenting a 'thousand dollar' bill to a clerk just might've made it happen -- and garnered the man five hundred bucks on the deal.
Instead, what Michael Fuller could really use right now is a couple of the $10,000 bills now cut from U.S. Treasury manufacture back in 1969. That's the year the Treasury also stopped manufacturing $500, $1000 and $5000 bills. Fuller needs a couple of the big ones right now. There's a jail visit and some $17,500 bond involved after (surprise, surprise) cops kind of think he made up that 'currency' representation of a cool mil. The guy's going to have a hard time arguing the bill's a fake -- passed to him and recirculated accidentally.
If it all sounds like the strangest story related to cold, hard cash, it may be the stupidest but try this one for odd: 90% of bills contain cocaine in paper money circulating throughout the U.S.


Walmart Supercenter
160 Lowes Boulevard
Lexington, NC 27292
United States
Phone: (336) 243-3051
35° 47' 39.9192" N, 80° 15' 37.0836" W
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