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Cable Access Is Dangerous: My Drunk Kitchen Bitchin' Kitchen It Ain't

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by hearit

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In The News

Bitchin' Kitchen went from the internet to a tv show phenom. And it's good. Nadia G, the brash host of 'Bitchin' Kitchen', started out on YouTube and was discovered through those videos which rolled her into an on-air series. The Montreal native began a tv for Food Network Canada -- the cooking show an instant hit. Nadia says she "grew up in a food-obsessed Italian family." She's got a little something called talent.
Flip that coin and there seems to be someone by the name of Hannah H. There's one similarity: she's got YouTube videos.
'My Drunk Kitchen' seems to make it clear -- cable access for some is a dangerous thing, particularly if it serves as 'inspiration'. It's not unusual for copycats to arrive on-scene where there's action. To the world's good fortune, those copycats usually drift back into oblivion. That is, unless someone decides to give credit so far, far from due.
The Huffington Post has been pumping the terrible lack of artistry through its "Comedy" section, so now the rest of the world seems destined to suffer while 'My Drunk Kitchen' makes its rounds.
According to The Huffington Post's rave review of the 'My Drunk Kitchen' YouTube series: "Here's another one for the "Why are we just now getting around to posting this?" file. Hannah Hart launched her YouTube series "My Drunk Kitchen" back in March... MARCH. That's at least a few decades in Internet time. Even though we're late to the party, we feel it would be a disservice to not post a few episodes for those of you who have been similarly bereft of a cooking show that finally puts the emphasis where it belongs: the sauce."
That's odd -- last checked, a "cooking show" usually includes cooking. That seems an absent activity from 'My Drunk Kitchen'. And while Huffington Post considers itself "late to the party," the regular person would probably consider that a party well skipped.
It's hard to tell whether this 'drunk' girl is actually drunk or just plain annoying -- but to imagine the horrific luck of ending up at the same party with this girl is to imagine the desperate desire for escape through any means necessary.
For anyone who feels the desire to be tortured, here's the short list -- complete with a warning: Choose wisely, you'll only need one -- unless you're having a really, really bad day and want to feel slightly better through the confirmation that, no, you'll never be stuck at a party with her.
My Drunk Kitchen: Ep. 1 - Butter Yo Shit (YouTube)
My Drunk Kitchen: Ep. 2 - "Let's Mac Out" (YouTube)
My Drunk Kitchen: Ep. 3 - "Omelette You Finish" (YouTube)
My Drunk Kitchen: Ep. 4 - Not Easy, Bake Oven (YouTube)
My Drunk Kitchen: Ep. 5 - Smashed Brothers (YouTube)
My Drunk Kitchen: Ep. 6 - Brunch? (YouTube)
My Drunk Kitchen: Ep. 7 - Tacos (YouTube)

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