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Maryland Man Fires Gun Shots to Alert Cops About Fish Hook in His Ass

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by hearit

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In The News

If you've got a fish hook in your ass, it seems like the best idea to attract attention in whatever way possible. A man who says he's got a fishhook "embedded in his buttocks" fires a few rounds, reportedly to gain attention of Maryland police.

The Frederick Police Department of Maryland responded to an a.m. noise complaint: A neighbor of a man living in the rear entrance of the apartment told cops the renter had been making a lot of noise for several hours.

Police investigated, to find Charles Akin Rempe. When the officer knocked, a man reportedly walked toward the cop "in a suspicious manner with his hand by his side" -- complaining of a "fishhook embedded in his buttocks," and noting he'd been hiding in his closet. He told cops he'd been firing gun shots to attract their attention.

Police were attracted -- but maybe not in the way the man hoped: The guy was cuffed, taken to Frederick Memorial Healthcare for evaluation.

Multiple gunshots did in fact seem to have been fired in the apartment. Frederick Police found a loaded .45 semiautomatic pistol at the residence. It seems a round had gone through a side window and lodged itself in a nearby brick building. While no one was injured -- at least by gunfire -- police have got some pending charges.

Perhaps the "suspicious manner" in which the guy was walking could've been related to a fish hook in a very wrong place.


200 E. Patrick Street
Frederick, MD 21701
United States
39° 24' 50.31" N, 77° 24' 27.2628" W
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