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Eyeballing Eyeball Shots Vodka Cause Permanent Damage Blindness

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by hearit

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In The News

Drinking shots of straight vodka through your eye? It sounds impossible – and impossibly stupid. But the "eyeballing" trend that started in Las Vegas has moved throughout the U.S. and now to London. How ‘bout some permanent blindness with that buzz?
While parents (and churches) will insist that other things can make you go blind, shooting alcohol in your eye – like doing shots of vodka poured straight into your eyeball – will really make you go blind. It’s about as stupid as it gets: known as “eyeballing,” the practice of pouring any hard liquor straight into the eye can literally, physically melt the cornea.
Doctors say that alcohol poured into the eye can cause serious damage to both the cornea and white of the eye, the sclera – causing either permanent scarring and even loss of eyesight.
According to an “eyeballer” interviewed by the Daily Mail, “It [the practice of “eyeballing’] did sting. It was really painful. But bearing the pain is part of the competitiveness.”
So the better question is, how competitive are you going to be when you can’t even see your competitor? If you’re going to do it, do it the good ol’ fashioned way, keep it limited to affecting your liver, not your eyesight.
The U.K. blames the trend of “vodka eyeballing” as beginning in Las Vegas – the city, of course, that remains the source of all things good and great in this world. As the story goes, waitresses and servers began doing eyeball shots as a way to entertain their tables – and add bonus cash tips. Prostitution is legal in parts of Nevada, and could be a lot safer.
Regardless of where it began, “eyeballing” is currently huge in London, as evidenced by the hundreds of English YouTube videos featuring young Brits pouring alcohol straight into their eyeballs. England claims the problem to be especially severe at the university level.
College kids are blaming peer pressure. As if the concept of pouring hard liquor into an eyeball isn’t scary enough, there are actually ‘fans’ of “eyeballing” online, on social networking sites and Facebook – devoted to the downright dumb practice that people swear gives a faster buzz. Proponents of “eyeballing” talk about the rushed drunkenness and near-immediate “high”. On that note, the practice of snorting cocaine also provides an immediate high– but then there are people missing half of their noses after the consistent practice.
C’mon, people: if you’re going to do really stupid things, keep it limited to affecting the liver, not your eyesight. No, the attached video doesn't serve as a proponent for the idiotic practice of drinking shots through your eye -- but simply as proof that the human creature really can be that completely stupid.

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It is really interesting and

March 9, 2012 by mikey (not verified), 10 years 22 weeks ago

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It is really interesting and I am sure that other people thinks this too.