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Teen Stashes Murdered Parents in Bedroom at Facebook Invite House Party

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by copythis

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There's more than one accused killer in Florida. While Casey Anthony is just released from jail after accused of killing her own kid, a kid enters jail after killing his own parents: Cops say a Port St. Lucie teenager named Hadley murdered his mom and dad before throwing a massive 'house party' via a Facebook invite with up to 60 'Friends'. It all happened while two dead bodies sat in another room.
The 17-year-old teenager from Port St. Lucie isn't been named by police -- but the boy now jailed on first-degree murder charges and held without bail holds the last name of Hadley. Cops say the kid from Florida is accused of killing his mother and father with a framing hammer, then stashing the dead bodies in the home's master bedroom before guests started arriving for a party.
It was a Facebook event: Cops can track the teen's whereabouts for the night in question, since he was thoughtful even to post it as a Facebook invite -- making that invitation available to 'Friends' near 1:30 p.m. this past Saturday in July. The party began at around 10 pm. the same night of July 16, with roughly 40 to 60 friends showing up at the home that housed two dead bodies.
Ironically, police were at the house within hours of the parents being murdered -- and, specifically, during the very same party where the mother and father's dead bodies were locked away in their own bedroom. Port St. Lucie neighbors called in noise complaints at about 2:30 a.m. on July 17, and cops arrived -- but supposedly didn't notice anything 'unusual'. Other than up to 60 teenagers throwing a massive house party without any parental supervision. Of course that's not unusual at all.
No one can figure out why the teenager killed his parents, Mary Jo Hadley and Blake Hadley -- or whether the murders had to do with someone told a certain Florida teenager that he wasn't allowed to have a party that night.
Florida cops were called back to the home a second time, after the noise complaint visit, to follow a tip that the teenager had killed his parents. After four a.m. July 17, Port St Lucie cops came back to the house for a second time, following the call, where they found "beer cups lying around the house" and a "nervous and panicky" teenage boy.
Apparently not even alcohol subdued "nervous and panicky" -- but the kid apparently wasn't too panicky just hours earlier, when he'd bludgeoned his parents to death with a hammer. The two Hadleys were found in their master bedroom -- the dead bodies covered in towels and, even stranger yet, books and files.
Because it's not suspicious to have a bunch of books and files thrown over objects in a room.
Aside from the obvious, a very different question is raised -- as to how that gruesome discovery is made by the person who tipped off police. Is that scenario called making a very wrong turn while trying to find the bathroom?


Port St. Lucie, FL
United States
27° 16' 32.9988" N, 80° 21' 18" W
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