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Roofer Ends Up Stuck on Hot Seat Tars Pittsburgh Roof Bakes Like Turkey

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by hearit

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Tar can be sticky stuff--just ask dinosaurs. A guy in the Glenwood area of Pittsburgh gets stuck on a hot tar roof. Scorching temperatures in Pittsburgh left the man "baking like a turkey" while roofing a home on the hottest day of the year. 90 degrees--plus a slip--literally put him on the hot seat.
It seems one guy is not meant for a life in construction--at least not in the roofing industry.
And no good deed goes unpunished: One bad slip-up, from the man helping his female cousin by tarring her home's roof, left Lamont Robinson trapped in tar--on the hottest day of the year in the Pennsylvania region.
While roof maintenance and sky-high temps don't mix, clumsiness and tar don't mix either -- a fact which Lamont Robinson found out the very hard way. While tarring the home's rooftop, Robinson reportedly grabbed the tar bucket -- then slipped. When the broom went a-slidin', so did he. But then that sliding stopped for Robinson, when his female cousin -- who saw the whole thing occur at her Pennsylvania home -- says she couldn't stop laughing. She wisely decided to call 911. Meanwhile, the roofer-for-a-day had got himself stuck in the tar, ass down--in a seated position.
Yes, Lamont Robinson was truly 'on the hot seat'.
"I was [on the roof] before it got really hot, and I thought I'd be done before it got extra hot," Robinson had told the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review newspaper. "I was baking like a turkey, literally."
Narrow streets in Glenwood meant firemen weren't able to get the 29-year-old unstuck until around noon--after the guy had already been baking like that "turkey" for roughly two hours in the tar, loopy from the hotter than hot temps.
Robinson was taken to the hospital after a slow 'go' in emergency crews removing him from the roof -- with firefighters taking their time because of concerns over the man's heat exhaustion. Once down, firemen sprayed down the stuck man with oil, to remove the tar.
Robinson's not a roofer by trade -- and apparently doesn't plan to become one. His words of wisdom after being treated by EMS: "Don't do this at home."


Pittsburgh, PA
United States
40° 26' 26.25" N, 79° 59' 45.1896" W
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