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Bin Laden Son Claims Killing Criminal Maintains US Legal Action Right

May 12, 2011 10:01pm by hearit

In The News

One bin Laden's dead while another is reportedly not happy: a statement attributed to the son of Osama bin Laden calls the al Qaeda leader's killing "criminal" and maintains a right to le Read more

US Man Hunts Bin Laden Arrested with Sword in Pakistan

June 16, 2010 5:31pm by hearit

In The News

A construction worker requiring kidney dialysis has been arrested in a Pakistan forest while hunting for Osama Bin Laden-Faulkner was arrested carrying a 40-inch Samurai sword, gun and night-vision Read more

Electronic Chips in US Passports a Terrorist Security Threat

June 15, 2010 6:38pm by hearit

In The News

The US allows government Passport electronic chip assembly to occur in the same Bangkok suburb where a notorious Terrorist extremist was captured in 2003--posing a major homeland security threat if Read more

Terrorists Could Use Breast Implants Explosives to Crash Planes

May 24, 2010 2:59pm by editor

In The News

It's no secret that women can go where men cannot, based on sex appeal-and British spies say Al-Qaida plans to use females and surgical breast implants to potentially explode commerical plane fligh Read more

No Government Agency Responsible to Identify All Terrorist Threats

May 18, 2010 11:36pm by hearit

In The News

After creating the National Counterterrorism Center, following 9-11 terrorist attacks, it turns out no one's truly watching the terrorists-at least not specifically: no one government agency consid Read more