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Tunnel in 30 Ton Pot Seizure at Mexican Border Dubbed Crude Despite Fancy Elevator

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by copythat

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U.S. authorities discovering more than a truckload or two of pot isn't necessarily the most unusual occurrence. The discovery of a tunnel between California and Mexico for transfer of that marijuana isn't so rare either. But a drug tunnel complete with rail system tracks, lighting, ventilation -- and even convenience of an elevator -- is.

Oh, feds happened to find 30 tons of drugs too in what's one of the largest seizures at the California-Mexican border.

Law enforcement's found evidence of what certainly appears to tie to a drug smuggling operation -- and it uses a 600-yard and very well-built tunnel under the California-Mexico border.

Tijuana, or at least one of its warehouses, has got a direct connection to the States and specifically California. Roughly 26 tons of marijuana had already been funneled through that tunnel to California's coastal city of San Diego when 10 tons of pot were intercepted by cops. And Mexican military found more of the drug -- about another 5 tons still sitting inside the Tijuana warehouse and tunnel on Mexico's side of the border.

Federal authorities say they don't know which drug cartel is behind the transport -- and it may be safer for those involved if that question remains unanswered considering the severe violence in recent years. The tunnel is closed for business. At least that one. But a new one is bound to pop up shortly in the game of gopher.

This particular one had been in full function for about a month before it was closed down. And authorities are dubbing it 'crude' -- citing that it isn't tall enough for a person to fully stand. But that may be a bit downplayed. From the looks of it, the tunnel appears quite clean and well-designed. And the fact it even contained ventilation as well as an elevator seems to confirm the connection between San Diego and Mexico isn't quite so crude.


San Diego, CA
United States
32° 42' 55.1844" N, 117° 9' 26.118" W
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