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It's pee soaked egg time in China with Virgin Boy Eggs from boys school toilets

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by hearit

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The preference for boys in China is one thing but when bodily fluids become part of a ritual, this is gross. Once a year (for centuries) eggs are soaked before cooked in urine collected from grade school boys bathroom. No one says how long the urine is sitting before collection but maybe it doesn't matter. Health properties? Considering it comes from toilets in a school it seems more like a health HAZARD. If you're going to eat urine it could at least be cleaner. The Dongyang region is now making it part of "intangible cultural heritage" of pee soaked food. The best part is they're called "Virgin Boy Eggs". Seems not verified but they do sell for double the price of a regular egg. "Fragrant" lol. Nice way to say the streets stink after boiling pee


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