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Farmer Busted in Internet Scam Ten Million Dollars Buried in Garlic Field

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by copythat

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In The News

Someone's had a heyday with the lotto -- or at least it seems like the lotto, with the sudden discover of large sums of cash. 10 million's been found, in a field.

Police in South Korea have made an arrest, and who would've thought it'd be an innocent-looking farmer? The cops allege he'd hidden about $10 million in cash -- in a garlic field. How it got there could be more interesting.

Police say the farmer's relatives have been raking in the money -- through running an illegal Internet gambling site. And not many would think to look in a lonely garlic field, for the stash.

Unfortunately for the farmer, and his family who "made millions", the cops have kind of confiscated the cash that the farmer buried in his Gimje field -- what would seem a fairly good hiding spot, 160 miles south of Seoul.

It seems the farmer already kind of had control of the ten million, since both of his two brothers-in-law are missing: one's currently in prison, and the other's on the lam -- for one reason or another. They'd asked the farmer to bury the cash. — one in prison and the other on the run — had asked him to hide the money.

Perhaps the farmer should've taken the cash and moved to a new country.


South Korea
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