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Deepest Sea Fish Recovery Alive 2300 Meters

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by underthesea

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A fish looking a lot like a pre-historic dinosaur and with vicious looking teeth was brought to the surface from the deep sea, where it's been living at 2, 300 meters in the hot vents of the Mid-Atlantic Ridge. Deepest live fish capture under pressure.
Research scientists reported, to Deep-Sea Research journal, that three species of shrimp were also successfully brought to the surface from deep ocean depths. A recently-created device allows researchers to catch live animals at depths and pressures that had never before been accomplished.
Scientists haven't yet been able to transfer the animals, from deep-sea recovery, to an experimental lab. They hope to accomplish that feat in the near future, in order to study the fish's or animal's normal biology. Though pressurized fish and deep-sea animal recovery has been available to scientists for three decades, "this is the deepest fish-capture under pressure," said Dr Bruce Shillito, a marine biologist at the Universite Pierre et Marie Curie in Paris, France. The previous set record of live fish recovery was 1,400 meters deep, with this recovery 900 meters deeper than the previous victory.


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