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Netflix Deletes Facebook Price Hikes Comments Deleting Customer Complaints

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by hearit

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In The News

Unbelievably, Netflix employees are actively deleting Facebook comments about the price hikes scheduled to take effect September 1, 2011. As late as 2 a.m., the movie company has actively deleted hundreds of consumer comments -- pages at a time -- that shed a poor light on the company.

In other words, Netflix doesn't want to hear your customer words about its increased prices or plans to cancel. By evening on July 12, 2011, the movie company already had over 10,000 comments about its pricing changes -- and just hours later that number had skyrocketed to consumer complaints over 25,000. But, interestingly, those numbers continued to dwindle as Netflix customers literally saw their Facebook comments ripped right off the company Fan page of the social networking site.

Customers have continued to re-post complaints and feedback to Netflix on the Facebook site -- noting the company offers no email or phsyical address for consumer complaints -- and it seems Netflix does not want to hear them. It doesn't want you or your comments on Facebook either.

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I find it rather incredible..

July 13, 2011 by GoghGirl (not verified), 12 years 39 weeks ago

GoghGirl's picture

I find it rather incredible.. How many employees are being used to delete comments? I saw about 500 being deleted in less than a minute so it has to be more than just one or two..
Its ironic.. The more comments Netflix deletes off their page the more comments seem to increase..

Netflix seems to have had

July 13, 2011 by hearit, 12 years 39 weeks ago

hearit's picture

Netflix seems to have had dedicated employees actively deleting comments throughout the night, especially during the hours (possibly) the company thought no one would notice. But comments were disappearing by the hundreds, regardless of the fact customers kept referencing the deletions, re-posting and talking about deletions that continued to occur and pull numbers lower. It makes a bad situation even worse in what seems a blatant attempt to shut up and shut out customers. Whoever decided on that as a plan of action appears to have made a very bad call.

I looked all over google for

March 26, 2012 by PurpleHope, 12 years 3 weeks ago

PurpleHope's picture

I looked all over google for it!! Thanks for the info..pfff! :)