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School Suspends 7 Year Old Student Calling Groin Punch Sexual Harassment in Boston

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A 7-year-old kid's actually being accused of sexual harassment over a school bus fight between children where a South Boston mother says her son was forced to self-defense after being choked. The young Massachusetts boy punched another first-grader in the groin--an effective target for physically serious situations--while Tynan Elementary claims sexual harassment or assault.
The Boston boys were on a school bus. That part's not debatable. Tasha Lynch says her first-grade son, Mark Curran, got choked on that bus in late November and couldn't breathe. Whether it's a bullying incident or normal grade-school argument between kids, an occurrence that's existed as long as educational facilities, the result is far from the norm. But, interestingly, a South Boston school seems bent on action in the form of sexual harassment allegations. Of course that would help solve any potential liability issues the school could face. The best defense is an offense.
The mom who says her son's been afraid to go back to the Boston school since says she believes her son has the right to fight back after being choked by another student. And she says the groin punch was self-defense. Whether self-defense or a straight-up fight, the school's going to have a difficult time arguing a sexual nature was involved.
The Boston public schools will only confirm to media that that the November 22 incident's been classified as possible sexual harassment. But it won't comment. And that's probably wise. Perhaps it will give the school district some time to get its head in order -- since wrongfully accusing a child of a potentially sexually abusive act seems like a very wrong path no education facility probably wants to head down, unless true to definition. It's also the type of allegation -- in what would be a permanent mark on a kid's record, since the school claims a right to suspension or transfer if the school or district does in fact deem it sexual harassment -- that could mar a child's reputation and lead to legal action.
It seems some current schools are in dire need of some good attorneys -- before making decisions. The school's rep claims that any type of inappropriate touching would fall into the category of sexual harassment. Perhaps the school and its district better reference a dictionary and a lawyer before pressing on with that idea. A punch that isn't sexual in nature not only doesn't fit even the school's own rep's reference to "touching" but also doesn't fit a sexual harassment definition -- the same problem faced by the elementary school claiming a student's use of "cute" or "fine" is sexual harassment in North Carolina.
Lynch's mother says it started when she picked her son up from the bus stop, when the upset boy admitted a boy on the bus had taken his new gloves -- and had allegedly choked him on the bus. The mother says she demanded to know from the bus driver what had occurred. But she claims the driver response included just a smile and shrug of the shoulders. The mom says she then phoned school officials -- and that appears to be the possible source of a problem.
The Boston-area mom says school officials didn't return that call and that she had her older son take the 7-year-old into the principal's office to tell the female what happened. Rather than suspending or taking disciplinary action against one or both kids for fighting, or addressing any issue of bullying or theft, the elementary school took an unusual stance -- claiming sexual harassment instead. Lynch has gotten a letter from the educational facility, allegedly stating her son as accused of sexual harassment and endangering other students' physical safety.
It seems to be trend within recent weeks, with a school in North Carolina suspending a 9-year-old for an alleged statement to another student that his teacher is "cute" or "fine".
Curran's mom says she thought the elementary school might call the parents to have the kids shake hands or the like -- or maybe instruct the other kid to return her son's gloves. But instead, the mother says Tynan Elementary School officials started questioning the first-grader about his role in any argument. And, like the North Carolina incident, this sexual harassment charge also involves a principal's questionable decision to call a scenario involving children sexual harassment. It all begs the question as to whether school officials or administrators should be held responsible for what has traditionally been a very serious legal charge.
Curran's mom claims the Tynan Elementary School principal said it doesn't matter which boy struck or hit the other first -- that her son's role in hitting another boy in the testicles equals sexual assault. That's a very serious legal charge in the realm of adults. And perhaps adults making claims involving children should hold equal legal issues.


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I certainly hope that this

January 4, 2012 by Lisa M.S., 12 years 28 weeks ago

Lisa M.S.'s picture

I certainly hope that this Mom of the boy being charged with such a ludicris crime, headed right over to the police dept. and filed a report against this punk bully kid, he should be charged with attemped murder, last time i checked if you are trying to choke someone you are trying to cut off their oxygen supply ie stop breathing ie murder! How stupid can these school officials be? These are the same morons that are shocked and distraught when people choose to home school or send their children to private school! Maybe if they focused on teaching education instead of trying to indoctrinate them.

The police department

January 4, 2012 by hearit, 12 years 28 weeks ago

hearit's picture

The police department definitely should have been notified. Had a report been filed, the school or officials probably would have had less of an easy time in taking its own course in crazy 'handling.' Cutting off an air passage is extremely dangerous and there was obviously witnesses the school should have been interviewing immediately including other kids on the bus and the bus driver's take on what happened. The lack of action by the bus driver or any adult could be what scared the school into trying to act offensively with craziness. Those types of allegations including sexual conduct should never be thrown out lightly, sticking with a child for life. Only law enforcement, in an actual legal charge, should ever be able to use those kinds of terms in description. It's absolutely insane and so is the similar incident that occurred almost at the same time with another grade schooler:

Educational and counselling

November 16, 2016 by rasellee (not verified), 7 years 35 weeks ago

rasellee's picture

Educational and counselling psychology

Educational and counselling psychologydept.,
university of Dhaka thanks to you for your important post. now a days sexual harassment is one of the common problem of our society. we should to be conscious about it.