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Santa Monica DMV wastes Tax Dollars with Los Angeles Lakers Flair

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by venusrising

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While waiting at the Santa Monica CA Department of Motor vehicles today, I was blown away with the amount of Los Angeles Lakers decorations and regalia. The place looked like it was a Lakers hub more than a California DMV. There were streamers, banners, Kobe Bryant Blvd Signage not to mention the large "Thank you Phil Jackson" Tapestry; Custom California license plates at each window with things like Odom or Bryant added a weird ambiance to the place. I wonder where in the tax burdened budget there is room to budget in people taking the time to put up all this stuff? Considering most DMV offices are no longer open Saturdays and have been closed certain days I really wonder when they have the time to decorate the place like they were hosting a Laker's going away party. Perhaps it is the automated system that calls numbers in the strange Science Fiction like voice that has freed up all the time. The picture posted shows only a fraction of the "flair" in the joint as the teller looked at me quizzically and asked what I was doing, I replied "Oh just taking a picture of the pretty decorations. Only in Los Angeles.


Santa Monica DMV Office
2235 Colorado Avenue
Santa Monica, CA 90404
United States
Phone: (800)777-0133
34° 1' 40.6488" N, 118° 28' 28.2612" W
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