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Presidential prospects banned from General Motors and Chrysler plants

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by hearit

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The bulk of the nation's automakers are targeted in Michigan and Ohio, which are also two of the key arena states in the current presidential election. The industry rebound following the government bailouts in 2009 are a hot-button topic on both sides of the campaign. However, neither candidate is being permitted to campaign at any facility run by General Motors or Chrysler until after election day. For those who have  bad credit, you can still get a brand new car.
Nobody can campaign The ban involves all campaigning politicians, from city officials all the way up to the country's chief executive. Further, GM is also forbidding candidates from using any file movie or tape from past appearances at any of its facilities. General Motors spokesman Greg Martin said:
"We have historically had a very restrictive policy of visits by candidates during campaign season. We are a car company. That's where our focus is going to be, and we want to keep it there."
However, both President Obama and John McCain made visits to General Motors plants in 2008. This time, however, the gates are barred.
Obama campaign hit hardest Romney’s campaign will not be affected as much by the ban as Obama’s since Romney said that the car makers should be permitted to go bankrupt at the same time Obama was financing vehicle makers to help them out of their poor financial decisions. Obama is spending a ton of time focusing on the bailout in his campaign. The auto industry bailout was highlighted by Vice President Biden who said that "Osama bin Laden is deceased and GM is alive" recently.
Still owning some of the business General Motors has only paid $23 billion of its loans back to the government at this point, so the federal government still owns 32 percent of the business. That is why it is so humorous that GM is banning the president from the companies. People who support Romney were against the auto market bailout in 2009 along with all of the GOP. General Motors would be picking Obama if it allowed Obama to campaign there. The business does not want to pick sides in the race and lose customers. GM is the world’s largest-selling car maker again though and, in 2012, has already posted a $3.66 billion profit. For The Most Advantageous Price For A new Or Used Car, Van, Truck or SUV
Chrysler free of U.S. debt The U.S. government does not own any of Chrysler, and it is mainly owned by fiat SpA now, so it is not in as a political position as General Motors. The car maker does not want to take sides though and is worried that Obama might make an effort to make it look like an example of how his campaign worked. It does not matter if prospects go to car plants or not; they will still campaign in Michigan and Ohio. They are the two states that will choose the election, more than likely.
Sources Torque News Auto Blog CNN

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