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Potato Commissioner Voigt Sick of Spuds Vow Only Halfway Complete

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by hearit

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In The News

The head of the Washington State Potato Commission is reconsidering that vow to eat nothing but the equivalent of 20 potatoes per day for two months straight. The idea seemed dumber than dumb to begin with, but now Voigt seems to be concurring—the potato commission leader says he should’ve committed to only one month of his spuds diet vow, not two.

Apparently Voigt’s not giving up the “good and healthy” idea pertaining to his original push for potatoes—but says there are only so many ways that the veggie can be prepared. He’s not even at the halfway point of his tuber diet which began October 01, and apparently it’s already “that bad”.

Chris Voigt’s stated mission in his “all potato, all the time” vow was to prove to the public that potatoes aren't junk food. The true mission of Voigt’s campaign seems more likely related to a struggling potato industry with plummeting numbers. Revenue for potatoes has been down, both on the homefront and for those slated to ship out--export numbers for the potato industry had significantly dropped while restaurants requiring less spuds, fewer customers eating out during economic bad times.

Desperate times call for, apparently, really desperate measures: Voigt claims to have soaked a potato in pickle juice, for variety.

The Washington State Potato Commission leaders says, "Tuesday was a rough day for me…I really, really wanted a pickle."

Voigt’s also enjoyed potato ice cream during the potato gig—ice cream made by his loving wife.

Voigt told the media he’d vowed an all-potato diet for a full two months because, "Anyone can do anything for 30 days." Voigt admits, "Now I'm regretting that decision."

Apparently the head’s idea that “anyone can do anything for 30 days” hasn’t proved quite accurate: Voigt is currently four days shy of that mark, already prepared for revolt.

Ironically, the public gig designed to push advertising and PR efforts for the spuds industry may have just the opposite effect—making Voigt’s month, or two, of hell to be in vain. Potatoes don’t send particularly appealing when even the head of the industry’s commission makes the veggie, effectively, sound so foul.

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