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Fired Oregon Restaurant Employee Sets Thunderbird on Fire

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by hearit

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One man is under the impression that if you’re job is on the line—or you think you just might be fired, start one. A Silverton, Oregon, man discovered his local restaurant job to be hanging in the balance. The result was apparently simple: fight a firing with fire, and burn the boss's car.

An unfortunate, 1987 Ford Thunderbird serves as the fire’s main victim, though a fence also went down in the blaze allegedly set by 33-year-old Stewart Cooper--the man police say poured gasoline on the vehicle before igniting the fire. Cooper’s now facing three charges arising from the incident, incuding arson, criminal mischief and reckless burning. The burning, however, didn’t appear to be quite so “reckless”, though the after-effects may be: $65,000 bail is the end result.

Perhaps more importantly, Cooper may not have considered every aspect concerning his future: Cooper’s boss is also his neighbor. It is hard to say who’s in a more dangerous position, but perhaps the boss had better consider an upgrade from any current wood roof shingles.

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