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Luggage Stickers Give TSA a Run for its Money Drugs and Sex Toys

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by hearit

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If you want to cause yourself some problems heading through TSA--or exiting the airport—travelers can now choose from a bevy of suitcase stickers to slap on luggage. For just twenty-five bucks, passengers choose from transporting bricks of cocaine, stashing a suitcase filled with cash, traveling with sex toys galore, or carting out a bound-and-gagged flight stewardess.

Each of the four suitcase sticker offerings provide the illusion that the bag’s exterior has been ripped open—offering a sneak peek for other travelers, who want to grab a glimpse of the “contraband” inside.

Co-owner Ryan McCormicks and Colin Hart run McCormicks’ partner, Colin Hart, came up with the idea for the stickers, which now retail for about US $25—he says the idea came while waiting for his baggage after a transcontinental flight into Vancouver. "Everyone was looking like zombies at their luggage," says Hart, "and I thought, How could I make it more interesting?"

Apparently the same stuff that make life more interesting—for many--also seems to work for spicing up luggage: cash, drugs, sex and gagged women. On the downside, customers better be broke or love using vintage baggage to fulfill the believability factor—the gag doesn’t quite work with Samsonite or Louis Vuitton.

Hard to say whether TSA will find the unusual stickers quite as intriguing as the creators--McCormick and Hart warn customers not to actually use the new luggage stickers while traveling, lest some wayward TSA agent mistake the bricks of coke as “the real thing”.

"I'm nearly sure there will be some horrific horror stories," says sticker creator Hart. Hart may be over-estimating events related to his creative endeavor: it may be a stretch—even for TSA—to assume that even one of its agents is dumb enough to believe that a ripped-open suitcase filled with cash or coke is bound for x-ray, or for the luggage carousel. Then again, that might just be the bag that goes “missing”.

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