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TMobile Wifi Calling Uses Plan Minutes to Compensate for their lousy coverage

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by hardliner

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 T-Mobile offers a wifi calling feature on the Android phones but you are stuck paying for it with your own minutes. You would think WiFi calling would function like Skype, where you could call over wifi for free and not eat up your minutes; that could not be further from the truth.
According to the T-Mobile customer representative this features is there to help you when you are in areas that have poor coverage. In fact the opening text on the app says "WiFi calling let's you say goodbye to spotty coverage." They just don't tell you that YOU will be footing the bill for their "spotty coverage." What kinds of benefit is this to the customer if we still have to sacrifice our minutes for this hogwash. What this really is a a great way for T-Mobile to compensate for their lousy coverage in areas and markets.
I reside in Metropolitan Los Angeles and I cannot get 3G anywhere near my home unless I get out and drive to a main street. This they tell me is because we are under all the "new" towers they installed, simply an unlucky location. Everyone else that comes to visit with Sprint, At&T and Verizon phones get great coverage.
Hey T-Mobile, screw the fancy ads that show the girl that can fly on her 4G phone blowing away the iPhone on AT&T, if I cannot get 3G consistently in one of the world largest cities how the hell am I suppose to believe that I will now get 4G. This feels like another value added T-Mobile Smokescreen.

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