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Samsung Galaxy S II HDMI Out Requires Expensive MHL Adapter

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by wombat

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In My Life

I purchased the Samsung Galaxy S II Android Smartphone. So far I am in love with the phone after having a Nokia N900 for a couple of years. The processor and features are awesome and being an advanced user I purchased it for the advanced specs including the advertised HDMI out. When the phone arrived to me the plastic protector on top stated HDMI out (MHL adapter required.)

When the T-Mobile Samsung Galaxy page says “With our largest, most beautiful 4.52” Super AMOLED Plus screen, movies and TV on your phone have never looked better. Plus, HDMI output lets you watch movies, shows, video, or view photos on your own TV, right from your phone.”

How would anyone expect that they needed to buy a $19.99 HDMI to MHL adapter and a $24.99 HDMI cable to connect to the adapter for a grand total of almost $45.00 this is just crazy. Maybe the average person won’t even use this feature but then again not sure the average person would buy this phone which makes it all the more ridiculous that they would make you hunt for this fine print or be unpleasantly surprised when the phone arrives. Over all I love the phone but this type of crafty advertising pisses me off.

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