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Nokia N900 No Longer Charges With Wall Charger But Charges With Kindle Fire Charger

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by wombat

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In My Life

My Nokia N900 no longer charges from the wall charger. For a phone that was priced at almost $1000 in the US when it was brought out this is crazy. There are posts on the Nokia site with no replies from Nokia which is not all that surprising considering the way they handled this phone. The promises of the OVI Store all these apps and a potential "iPhone killer" only to leave it behind along with the Maemo OS. Nokia has since moved its newest phone to Windows Mobile.

The phone just stopped charging with the wall charger. I tried it in the computer USB synch charger and it charged fine. I figured it may be the pins on the charger so I ordered a new OEM AC10-U charger from eBay.

The charger arrived and the N900 did not recognize and charge from this charger either. Feeling desperate, I tried plugging it in to my Kindle Fire Charger and it is now charging fine. I don't know what the problem is but considering Nokia wants at least $175 to service the phone I think I will go with this cheap fix until I am ready to say goodbye to the N900.

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