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Dokkiri iPhone 4 Cell Phone Case Gives Helping Severed Hand Before Halloween

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by copythis

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For those who want a unique handshake, there's a new Apple iPhone cell phone case: It's a hand you hold, straight out of Japan. No one's been left out on this one: There's three models including a severed 'Lady's Hand' model, the larger 'Men's Hand' size--or the cut-off 'Kid's Hand' mobile phone case for the iPhone 4.
The Dokkiri brand Hand Case for iPhone 4. At least the feel is natural -- it's built for comfort, just like holding hands. Just don't expect to jam into a pocket since it's design isn't exactly the slimmest feature.
Call it kind of an expensive 'helping hand': Pre-orders are being accepted and the iPhone 4 case is more than fifty bucks (US $64.20 to be exact). The phone case isn't coming out until late August 2011 so there's still plenty of time to buy the Dokkiri Hand Case. Since it's shipping from Japan, buyers will just have to hope it arrives before Halloween. And hold out hope the mobile phone case makes it to the state before the iPhone 5 is released, since rumored photos of the newest iPhone 5 are already circulating.
At least Dokkiri makes it less easy to drop and shatter that iPhone 4, though it's a little unclear how men are supposed to cart around an entire hand -- unless they choose to hook it on a belt, and that could look even creepier than having a third hand.


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